Tommy Girl Vet Check

October 30, 2006

We have a vet check scheduled for tomorrow to determine if Tommy Girl is in foal. She had been bred prior to her horrendous experience and we thought she may have lost it. She sure looks pregnant to me; but then I’ve never had a mare in foal before, maybe I’m just feeding her too much.

The other day, she sat down right next to me in the pasture and scratched her belly on the grass; it was a sight to see. Now I scratch her belly every chance I get. She just loves it.

Well, tomorrow will tell. I’m just glad that she has made so much progress.

October 31, 2006

Whoo Hoo! ! ! We’re expecting! ! ! She is one strong horse. I can’t wait until the birth.

Click on an individual image to see a larger picture.

5 thoughts on “Tommy Girl Vet Check”

  1. You must really love horses! What type of horse is the mother? Is this your only horse? It must be exciting for you to be expecting! Good luck and scratch the horse's belly for me


  2. You are a bloggger all ready aren't you? Your horse is beautiful. I had aquired a horse from my father-in-law and have begun to break her so I can ride her.I have all ways wanted a hore and now I have Silky. She is a two year old palamino.She is so gentle and very smart. I love your pictures. Good luck with her pregnancy.crazyhoot.blogspot.com


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