Morning Moments

Morning Surprise

As I was enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning my cell phone announced an early morning call. As I picked it up my foggy morning brain tried to make sense out of the fact my husband, Bill, was calling me from outside. So I answered the call with, “Hello, what’s up?”
He replied, “You better get out here, there’s two baby goats running around!”
Well, needless to say, I ran to put on my boots, unlocked the front door, and sped out to the front pasture. What a beautiful sight! Two healthy and, at times, bouncing baby Nigerian Dwarf babies. My sweet doe, Mocha, did a marvelous job without me. I have been hoping for doelings so I can add to my herd and she didn’t disappoint.
Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. What do you think of these two sweet baby girls?

Boots and Boogie saying “Hello”

Four black ‘Boots’

Sweet ‘Boogie’ face

8 thoughts on “Morning Surprise”

  1. You must really love horses! What type of horse is the mother? Is this your only horse? It must be exciting for you to be expecting! Good luck and scratch the horse’s belly for me


  2. Your horse looks beautiful. I used to ride a lot years ago and now drool at the chance. I’ve ridden quarters and Arabians. The later are much more headstrong and stubborn but fun to ride. My daughter has inherited my love of horses as well. Congrats on the birth (soon to be) of your foal.


  3. You are a bloggger all ready aren’t you? Your horse is beautiful. I had aquired a horse from my father-in-law and have begun to break her so I can ride her.I have all ways wanted a hore and now I have Silky. She is a two year old palamino.She is so gentle and very smart. I love your pictures. Good luck with her


  4. Wow, that is quite a story. I hope the birth goes well. I love horses. We live on 50 acres but the man that rents the pasture only has cows out there. I don’t like cows….He had a horse once, (Molly) but his son never paid much attention to her so he sold her…..a sad day for us when they loaded her up for the auction. I think we paid more attention to her then they did. She would always come up to us and let us put her on the lead and walk her, but she balked at Jamie and his son when they did it. There is nothing like a little horse therapy! I hope all goes well for you all. lin


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