Out for Blood

I am in hunting mode (which has never happened in my lifetime) and looking for blood!

We’ve been hit again by the infamous predators, seven more birds down. I am beyond flabbergasted as the new birds are in the hen house and it is a HOUSE! The doors, windows, and ramp were closed tight. How, how did they do it?

I’m on a mission! Went out an bought a trail camera and rat traps today. Tonight we set out the three rat traps and a have a heart trap one on each side of the house. I thought I would never say this in my lifetime as I totally believe is live and let live. But if anything survives, it will be its last day tomorrow.

My greatest loss this past year was my Light Brahma Rooster that I raised from a chick. Everyday I went to see him I would tell him “good morning” and reach down and stroke his back. Eventually, he thought his name was Good Morning so it stuck! What a great boy he was and he died saving his Ladies.

RIP my sweet boy!

Update: February 2, 2018

All rat traps were sprung but no critters in the traps. However, a 15-20 pound raccoon was caught in the have-a-heart trap and will be released today at the local dump where it can eat to its heart’s content! Hubby doesn’t have the heart to kill it!

Don’t Judge the Moment,
LIVE IT ! ! !

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