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I believe,

  • That there is nothing like having your own horse on your own pasture.
  • That animals adopt you because they know it is a safe place to seek asylum.
  • That adopted animals should not produce more orphans.
    • We spay/neuter anyone who chooses to stay with us.
  • That gardening brings you closer to Nature, enhances your health, and soothes your Spirit.
  • That if you poison your garden, you are killing yourself.
  • That producing your own food gives you a feeling of completion.
  • That you should plant enough in order to share with family and friends.
  • That cooking your own produce fulfills a yearning to be self-sufficient.
  • That cooking is an art form and has no rules.
  • That through photography you can share a tiny bit of your insight with others.
  • That disasters are simply an open door to new beginnings.

The farm is a work in progress. So please enjoy our world as we would like to share the beauty of our blessings!