New Year New Day New Way

Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.
~ Michael Josephson

It is the last day of the old year and Father Time will be giving way to Baby New Year. We are programmed by the reigning society to set new affirmations at this time, but should we be doing this or should we be reinforcing the positive aspects in our lives that we are already working to master? Many of us are expert at beginning new projects however we are also adept at not finishing before we start a new activity or goal. This new year would be an excellent time for us to reflect on the positive blessings and achievements we have attained in the past year and at the same time jot down those items we would like to continue to improve. As our new year progresses new aspirations will arise and be added to our list in a natural manner.

I wish us all a spiritually blessed, prosperous, and happy new year!

Don’t Judge the Moment, LIVE IT!