Tommy Girl’s Foal


Tommy Girl came through like a champ… she had a beautiful foal officially named Tommy’s Treasure; we call him Mr. T! 

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Tommy Girl Vet Check

October 30, 2006

We have a vet check scheduled for tomorrow to determine if Tommy Girl is in foal. She had been bred prior to her horrendous experience and we thought she may have lost it. She sure looks pregnant to me; but then I’ve never had a mare in foal before, maybe I’m just feeding her too much.

The other day, she sat down right next to me in the pasture and scratched her belly on the grass; it was a sight to see. Now I scratch her belly every chance I get. She just loves it.

Well, tomorrow will tell. I’m just glad that she has made so much progress.

October 31, 2006

Whoo Hoo! ! ! We’re expecting! ! ! She is one strong horse. I can’t wait until the birth.

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Tommy Girl Update

June 20, 2006

Tommy Girl finally stopped eating for a few minutes today. A good sign I hope. She is such a sweetheart. If I walk in the pasture, she leaves her spot to come over by me and lets me rub her neck while she eats her fresh Bahia. We are now feeding her three times a day. Today, it was so hot, that I washed her down with cool hose water while she ate her afternoon meal.

June 29, 2006

I wormed Tommy Girl today; thought it might be a job, but she was more than accommodating. She didn’t try to back off, shake her head, or even spit it out. Like I said, she’s an angel. She made short work of her feed and went back to grazing. Every once in a while she goes to visit Zip, my quarter horse by the pasture fence.

July 1, 2006

I went out to take some pictures today to see if there has been any improvement. Seems she’s a bit better than before.

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Tommy Girl’s Story

On June 16, 2006, my husband Bill and I began a trip to Alabama at 10:30 am to pick up “Ima Tommy Girl.” My friend indicated that the individual that was boarding Tommy said that she is losing weight and can’t get it back on due to the fact that she is so used to alfalfa hay. (Bullshit!)

We left Alabama around 8:00 pm, which was good as Tommy Girl did not have to travel in the heat of the day. Thank God, it was pretty cool the whole way back to Poplarville. We arrived at 1:30 am and she had been chomping down the hay we had put in the trailer for her.

June 17, 2006

Today I checked Tommy out, gave her some feed, put out a salt block, and took pictures of her deplorable condition.

These and future photos will document Tommy’s progress. She has not stopped eating since we put her in the trailer.

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